Friday, November 19, 2010

China Trip -- The Great Wall

The Great Wall should be called the INCREDIBLE WALL. I never dreamed I would ever make it to this place but today I spent two hours here -- walking, climbing, reflecting,taking it all in -- awe-inspiring. I imagined Genghis Khan and the boys coming over the mountain trying to gain access to China and running into, well, this wall. The Great Wall goes for nearly 3500 miles and you simply cannot understand what an undertaking this would have been to build it until you take a cable car up the side of a mountain to get there. Luckily for us, the wall was not too crowded with people. The only "downside" is the gauntlet of vendors through which you must walk to get to and from the cable car -- daunting!

The placard at the entrance says: "Once intended to ward off attacks, today it brings together the people of the world. The Great Wall -- may it continue to act as a symbol of friendship for future generations." Cross one thing off the "bucket list."

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