Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Interesting question -- who DOES win a diving meet?

Is it the diver who does the hardest dives?
Is it the diver with the best toe point?
Is it the diver who spins the fastest when somersaulting?
Is it the diver who is the best "twister"?
Is it the diver who is most consistent?
Is it the diver who get the highest judges' scores?
Is it the diver with the coolest suit?
Is it the most popular diver in the contest?
Is it the diver who jumps the highest off the diving board?
Is it the diver with the best RIP entry?
Is it a combination of these and other attributes?

Well, the answer is rather simple -- the winner of the diving meet is the person who scores the most points!! Your job as a diving coach is to formulate a plan to help your diver put together the best list of dives in the best order that will give them the best chance to score the most points when the competition is over. If you can do this -- your diver will be the winner.

Now the hard part -- how do you do that? It certainly takes Determination, time and hard work. You certainly need an athlete who ready willing and able to commit the time and work necessary. You need supportive parents of the diver  to get them to and from practices and competitions. You also need a quality facility with good equipment  and you definitely need access to some dry land training as well as a video playback system.

Finally, you certainly need some luck on your side!