Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can You Name This Diving Legend?

Can you name the DIVING LEGEND pictured above in a photograph taken in 1936? (Click on the photo to enlarge it)

Check back soon for the answer!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


  • M -- MASTERY -- It takes years and years of practice to reach the top level of this sport.

  • N -- NEVER GIVE UP -- If diving were easy, everybody would be doing it.

  • O -- ON TIME -- It is better to be an hour early, that a minute late (for practice, meets, events, etc.)
  • P -- PASSION -- Those who succeed in diving (or coaching diving) have this.

  • Q -- QUICKNESS -- It is difficult to do the high DD dives if you do not have this physical attribute.

  • R -- RIP -- If you cannot "RIP" a dive, chances are your diving career may R.I.P.

  • S -- SMACK -- Avoid these if possible!
  • T -- TOE POINT -- As far back as I can remember -- "flat feet" just do not bring rave reviews from the judges.

  • U -- USE -- Use all resources available to make yourself a better diver.

  • V -- VERY GOOD -- For judging purposes, a dive in the "Very Good" range should score from 8 1/2 - 10.

  • W -- WASTE -- If you waste your time while at practice, it will definitely show at meets.

  • X -- X-RAYS -- Poor kickouts or bad line-ups (especially on tower) could result in a trip to the hospital for some of these on your shoulders or wrists!
  • Y -- YES -- Yes, you CAN do that dive!!

  • Z -- ZERO -- An unsuccessful attempt or an incorrect dive results in this score from the judges.

Diving Words To Live By:

"You Cannot Expect Above Average Results With Below Average Preparation"

The ABC's of Diving (A-L)

  • A -- ATTITUDE -- Better have a good one or you will not be successful (in anything)

  • B -- BALANCE -- Such a critical part of every hurdle, takeoff and arm stand.
  • C -- CHEESEBOARD -- has 189 "cheese holes" in it -- yes, I counted them!

  • D -- DETERMINATION & DESIRE -- A diver must WANT to be great -- not going to happen by accident.
  • E -- ENTRY -- The last thing the judges see. Should be vertical and with little or no splash!

  • F -- FLEXIBILITY -- In order to do the BIG tricks these days (most are in pike position) -- a diver must be very flexible.

  • G -- GUTS -- Being a diver -- especially a tower diver -- requires these.

  • H -- HEIGHT -- With all dives, the higher you jump, the better.

  • I -- IMPRESS -- Your dives better do this to the judges if you want to be successful.

  • J -- JUDGES -- See letter "I" above.

  • K -- KICKOUT -- There is a proper way and sequence for this -- better learn the right way!

  • L -- LINEUP -- It does not matter how good the dive was, if you cannot line-up the entry, it will not score well from the judges.



"Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance"