Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How To Measure For A New Trampoline Bed

At some point in your coaching career, you will probably need to replace your current trampoline bed with a new one. If you are going to purchase a "String" Bed you have only two choices -- 6' x 12' and 7' x 14'. These dimensions refer to the size of the bed -- not the size of the trampoline frame. However, if you are going to purchase a Single Poly Black Bed (regular backyard style bed) or the new High Performance Black Poly Bed (HP Poly Bed) then you should do the following measurements to insure a correct fit.

1) Measure the INSIDE FRAME Dimensions (in inches) from spring hook attachment point to spring hook attachment point for the length and the width. (An example might be 101.5 inches wide by 176 inches long).
2) Remove one of your springs and measure the entire length from end to end including the hook. If you plan to purchase new springs, simply note the length of the new spring. (Examples would be 9 inch, 10 inch or 10.25 inch).
3) Count the number of spring hook attachment points that are welded on your trampoline frame. (An example might be 18 on the short ends and 37 on the long ends). In some cases, you will have a "zig-zag" wire that runs the length of your frame.

With this information, we can manufacture for you the correct size trampoline bed to EXACTLY fit your trampoline frame using the springs you have chosen. Often times, you will need a "Custom size" bed. For example, you might need a trampoline bed that is 6' 11" x 14' 2". Yes, a standard 7' x 14' would "fit" but having the exact size bed will make a big difference both in performance and longevity. The cost for "custom" is not much more than for standard and the lead time is just a few days longer.

It is a detail that you will be glad you took the time to do correctly.

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