Friday, September 12, 2008


One of the biggest errors made by diving coaches -- usually young and inexperienced coaches --is having their divers attempt higher Degree of Difficulty (D.D.) dives in meets that that they cannot do consistently well versus doing an easier dive that they can usually nail all or most of the time.

The classic example is the the front double somersault in the tuck position (104C / 2.2 D.D) versus a front 1 1/2 somersaults in the pike position (103B / 1.7 D.D.). If your divers can consistently earn scores of 6's on their 103B (30.60 Total Points), they would need to earn AT LEAST 4.5's and 5's on the their 104 C (30.80 Total Points) just to be even!! It has been my experience, that this does not usually happen. I get a big smile on my face when I walk in to a meet and see other divers crashing "hard" dives in warm-ups because I know that there is good chance that they will crash them in the meet.

All coaches should "Do The Math" before completing a dive sheet especially when deciding whether or not to try out a new "harder" dive. Remember these words of wisdom: "Higher scores from the judges will almost always beats higher degree of difficulty."

Check out the "WHAT IF" Chart that we created for just this purpose.

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