Thursday, February 26, 2009

Check For Damage!

One mistake customers sometimes make when buying a diving board is to NOT inspect the shipment when it arrives.

The Duraflex factory takes great care to securely "box" each diving board that leaves the factory and they have the words "Do Not Fork" written all over the outside of these boxes; however, shipping companies apparently do not read AND they often do not handle freight with white gloves. As a result, damage to your diving board can occur.

A diving board that is damaged in shipment does not happen often, but when it does, you could be left holding the bag when it comes to getting a (free) replacement. If you sign for the delivery WITHOUT inspecting it, you run the risk of finding concealed damage later. The shipping company will argue that you signed for the freight as "okay" so therefore the damage must have occurred AFTER the freight was delivered -- ergo, it is YOUR responsibility.

THE SIMPLE WAY TO AVOID THIS HEADACHE: When the freight company delivers your diving board, make sure you open the box and inspect the shipment in the presence of the driver. Be sure to inspect the entire board (top and underside) for any dings, dents, scratches or blemishes. Usually they are very noticeable and are often caused by a forklift "hitting" the board or running over it while it sits on the ground. If the damage is minor, Duraflex will send to you (free of charge) a small touch-up paint kit. If the damage is NOT minor, you can refuse the shipment, or you could also "accept" it but be sure to note the damage on the delivery receipt and then contact the freight company to request an inspector. Be sure to keep all packing materials and paperwork for the inspection.

After inspection, the freight company will, in most cases, ship the damaged board back to Duraflex and they in turn will inspect it, repair it (if possible) and then send you a new board (or your repaired board) free of charge. Yes you end up waiting an extra week or so to get your diving board but at least you are not stuck with damaged goods.

MORAL TO THE STORY: Always inspect the shipment when it arrives to you!!

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