Monday, August 11, 2008

Get Yourself a Crockpot!

I know all too well the time involved with being a Professional Diving Coach and especially the difficulty of eating well (read healthy). Diving coaches are always on the run -- going from dry land to water practice or to another pool for another practice. The temptation to stop and get a fast food meal 2-3 times per day is too great and it is not a good one. Too many diving coaches today are overweight and out of shape and in my mind, it is almost hypocritical for coaches to demand that their divers be "in shape" yet they themselves are far from it.

My suggestion is to get a Crockpot and a Crockpot recipe book. The meals are easy to prepare -- just cut up the ingredients; place them in the crock pot; put on the lid; turn it on and 4-10 hours later, PRESTO you have an incredibly good, healthy, home-cooked meal AND you will always have leftovers for another day. (Plus, think of all the money you will save) You could even get a Thermos and bring a hot home-cooked meal to the pool!

Don't forget -- skip the soda -- drink lots of water and do some exercise (perhaps workout with your divers) -- you will be glad you did.

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