Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trampoline Spring Information

There are several trampoline springs on the market today, but you need to know the differences in order to make the correct decision when purchasing them. Most non-competitive or backyard trampolines utilize 9 in. springs and nearly all competitive trampolines utilize 10" or even 10 1/4 in. springs.

All trampolines springs have what is called a "Resting Stretch" and an "Active Stretch." The Resting Stretch is defined as the amount of stretch on the spring when it is attached to the trampoline frame and bed and nobody is jumping on it -- it is "at rest." The Active Stretch is defined as the length to which the spring could stretch when an average size person is "actively" jumping. See the chart below:

As you can see, there is quite a difference. You will also note that depending on what spring size you choose has an impact on the actual size of the trampoline bed needed to correctly fit your trampoline frame. HAPPY JUMPING!!

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Unknown said...

I had no idea that the types of springs will also have an effect. You discussed different springs here, what is then the best or the right one to choose? As it is mentioned above that it will depend on the spring size we will choose. I can't wait to purchase our trampoline. The whole family has been wanting it but it was just recently that we have decided to finally get one.