Friday, April 4, 2008

Diving Board Tool Kit

Having diving equipment that is in good working order is paramount to running a successful diving team. Every diving coach should have a basic knowledge of how to maintain their diving stand and board. The following items should be kept at the pool:
  • Grease Gun with Tube of Grease (Duraflex Mystik JT-6 is recommended)
  • Can of 3 in 1 Oil (to lubricate hinges)
  • Rags (for wiping off fulcrum slide tracks BEFORE greasing)
  • Can of WD-40 or similar product to help remove dirt and grease from fulcrum slide tracks
  • 15/16-inch combination wrench (Tightens diving board bolts / stand installation bolts / fulcrum box installation bolts)
  • 9/16-inch combination wrench (Tightens ALL bolts that go into Durafirm diving stand plus the fulcrum anti-rattle bolt)
  • 1/2-inch combination wrench (Tightens guard rail attachment bolts and all fulcrum bolts except anti-rattle bolt)

Best Wishes for a Safe and Successful Season!

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