Friday, December 4, 2009


HOBART SHERWOOD BILLINGSLEY (aka "HOBIE") -- The Man, The Myth, The Legend -- just celebrated his 83rd Birthday on December 2, 2009. Retired now from coaching, but still travelling the world visiting old friends and former divers as well as giving clinics, hosting seminars, talking about diving, teaching coaches and now writing his THIRD Book.

That's right -- Hobie is writing yet another book -- this one his autobiography at the request of the Indiana University Athletic Hall of Fame. Rumor has it he can be found working on this manuscript right this very moment tucked away in a cozy farmhouse somewhere on the outskirts of Moultrie, GA where there is reported to be "lots of Moss."

Can't wait to read the finished product. Happy Birthday, Hobie!
** Photo above shows another diving legend Dr. Sammy Lee sitting with Hobie at the FINA Grand Prix Meet in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Unknown said...

I attended a water show at the new Hinsdale High School swimming pool somtime around 1960, and one of the things on the program just said "Kimball and Billingsly". It started out with Dick Kimball doing some trampoline tricks, and suddenly a guy near me in the audience started heckling him. Dick invites the heckler to come try it himself, and the next thing I know the man drops over the balcony to the deck and gets up on the tramp.
That was the way I met Hobie, and it was a great show.
Howie Kuhns

Unknown said...

I was a high school diver in Plymouth, Michigan from '54-'58 and Hobie was the coach at a rival school. whenever we swam against his team, he always took time to help us with our technique. I will always remember his help and friendly attitude. I went on to dive at Michigan State, and Hobie moved on to Indiana. I am know a high school diving coach.

Happy Birthday Hobie!

John Walker