Sunday, May 3, 2009

How To Paint a Trampoline "String" Bed

Seems like an unusual article -- "How to Paint a Trampoline "String" Bed -- most people probably do not realize that this is part of the ongoing maintenance that needs to be done to your string bed to keep it in top working condition and help make it last a long time.

The Manufacturer recommends re-painting your String Bed every 6 – 12 months depending on usage. In extreme use cases -- such as sporting clubs -- repainting may be required as often as every 3 – 4 months.

If the trampoline is permanently sited outdoors, the frequency of repainting will need to be increased. Provided the correct repainting cycle is observed, the trampoline may be left outdoors indefinitely as the coated Terylene string is resistant to sunlight and rain.


* Wash the bed with a VERY MILD soap and water solution using a soft bristle brush.
* Allow bed to completely dry before painting.
* Insert a pencil between each string intersection to straighten out the weave (even out the “boxes” created by the string intersections)
* Tape off red markings on mat both top and bottom.
* Spread drop cloths all around and underneath the bed – this is a very messy job!!
* Use a good quality acrylic paint.
* Paint should be applied while bed is mounted in frame.
* Apply paint with a roller applicator to BOTH top and bottom of the bed.
* Lightly tap bed with a piece of hose or a push broom to remove excess paint from weave.
* Quantity of paint needed -- 4 liter container should be sufficient for two coatings.

Trampoline String Beds are very expensive -- it only makes sense to upkeep and protect your investment. HAPPY JUMPING!!


Outdoor Trampolines said...

Thanks for the info, might try it on mine, any idea where I can buy a new bed from if it goes wrong?



Trampolines man said...

best advice on buying a new bed I would just look for the online shops from doing a few google searches.

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