Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The ART of the High School Diving Sheet (Part 1 of 2)

Setting up your list for an 11-dive championship format diving meet is both an art and a science. Having coached high school divers for more than 20 years, it has been my experience that the way you set up your dive list is directly related to how well you finish in the final standings. I have TEN GOLDEN RULES -- Here are the first five:

RULE #1: Diving is a headfirst sport and therefore, headfirst dives almost always score better than feet-first dives. (203 instead of 204 or 301 instead of 302)
RULE #2: Never start the meet with a “blind entry” dive. (EXAMPLE: 301 or 203)
RULE #3: Never follow a multiple-spinning somersault dive with a less multiple spinning dive in the same direction and in the same position. (EXAMPLE: Never do a 105C followed by a 403C unless they are different positions – 105C followed by a 403B would be okay)
RULE #4: Never follow a multiple twisting dive with a less multiple twisting dive in the same direction. (EXAMPLE: Never follow a 5225D with a 5223D or 5233D)
RULE #5: Group similar dives or takeoff directions together. (EXAMPLE: 201 followed by 203 – or 201 followed by 203 followed by 5221 – all “back” takeoff dives in a row allows you to get into a rhythm).

Check back in a few days for RULES #6 - #10 as well as some other pertinent information that you might find interesting!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve. I love your blog and how it is all about diving! I am a high school diver and I also coach the middle school dive team. This year was my first year coaching so i had to learn how to make their dive sheets. Before the first meet I looked up how to set up a dive sheet and which dives would be best to put at the top of the dive sheet and I ended up finding your blog. At first I thought it was challenging but now I understand how to do them. Personally as a diver I prefer to do feet first dives but my coach always told me that head first dives score better. After this season I learned that he was right and head first dives do score better. Thank you for posting this blog about setting up dive sheets and some helpful hints. It has been very helpful.