Thursday, October 2, 2008

How To Tell The Age Of Your Diving Board

Every Duraflex Diving Board has a serial tag that tells the year in which the board was made. The serial number can be found on a small metal tag that is attached to the diving board at the very back -- on top -- between the two bolts that attach the diving board to the hinges.

The serial number (for all boards made 1988 - Present) starts with a letter followed by six numbers. The letter tells you the model of the diving board. In Duraflex lingo, "B" means Model B Cheeseboard. "A" refers to a 16' Duraflex Board; "M" refers to a 16' Maxiflex Board and "C" refers to 14' Duraflex Board.

The first two digits following the letter tell the year the diving board was made and the last four numbers refer to the production number of that diving board.

So to summarize: If your diving board has the serial number B030548 -- that means that you have the 548th Model "B" Cheeseboard made in 2003.

If your serial number does not follow this "formula" then your diving board was made before 1988 and you would need to call the Duraflex Factory to research the serial number and tell you the age of your board. (PS: When you call, ask for Penny!!)


Anonymous said...

What if there is no tag just a durables sticker. Where else would the serial number be?

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