Sunday, June 22, 2008


Many divers today use wrist grips while diving to help reduce the constant pounding on their wrists that comes from platform diving and to a certain extent springboard diving. There are two types of wrist grips on the market today that are designed for this purpose. They are the Donjoy Wristwraps and the Tiger Paw Wrist Supports. The kind you choose is a personal preference. I have found that the divers who like the Donjoy Grips do NOT like the Tiger Paws and vice-versa. The pair you choose depends on how much and what kind of wrist support that you need.

The Donjoy Wristwraps are made of a black neoprene materials that wraps around your wrists only and is tightened and secured by two Velcro straps that go in the opposite direction of each other. Some divers like these because they are less bulky than the Tiger Paws and can be tightened more easily too. The Tiger Paw Wrist supports are made of a waterproof pack cloth material and the not only cover the wrist, but wrap around the thumb as well. They place more padding on the back of your hand and some divers like this extra cushion especially if your arms collapse on a tower entry and the back of your hands smash into the top of your head -- OUCH!!

The best suggestion is to find a teammate or a friend at a diving meet who wears wrist grips and try them on for a few dives. You may even want to have your coach "spot" you on a handstand on the ground to see which style you like best. Whichever pair you choose, make sure that you break them in and get used to them by first wearing your wrist grips for a few springboard practice before going up to dive tower. Also, be sure to put your name on the grips in indelible ink so your grips do not "disappear" on pool deck during practice or a meet.

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