Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Love of Lessons!

I have been teaching diving lessons for 30 years now and I still very much enjoy it! The reasons are many -- here are a few:

  • BIG FUN!
  • Low pressure.
  • Allows you to focus on the fundamentals.
  • Keeps you "grounded" (Yes, I know you can teach a back armstand twister from the 10M Platform -- but when was the last time you taught "Terrified Timmy" a front flip off the 1M Springboard!)
  • Keeps your creative juices flowing (refer to bullet point above -- sometimes you REALLY need to think outside of the box!)
  • Equally satisfying when "Little Non-athlete Johnny" learns a (simple) dive he never dreamed possible as when "Superstar Athlete" learns a "big trick" off 3M or 10M.
  • The smiles on the faces of the divers!
  • The smiles on the faces of the appreciative parents!
  • Helping to build self-confidence in young children.
  • Self-esteem boosting!
  • Teaching life lessons is never a bad thing!
  • Letting kids know that failure is okay and the greatest success comes in simply trying again!
Wishing you a SAFE and SUCCESSFUL Diving Season!

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