Saturday, September 19, 2009


While attending the 2009 United states Aquatic Sports Convention in Chicago, IL I had the honor and pleasure of sitting in on a forum hosted by Olympic Gold Medallist Laura Wilkinson (USA) and 2x Olympic Silver Medallist Alexandre Despatie (from Canada).

The two of them fielded questions from the packed house audience for a good 1.5 - 2 hours about anything and everything related to their diving careers. They answered every question -- whether about training, mental preparation, fear, exercise, competition, diet, burnout, sleep patterns, etc. with honesty and with a few funny anecdotes scattered throughout. (i.e. Alex going to "The Dark Place").

The underlying theme I took away from both of them was to NEVER GIVE UP. Everybody in the diving community knows the success these two have enjoyed but often times do not realize nor comprehend the amount of work, sacrifice, time and effort that went into those successes. Along the way, there were many set backs where they could have easily quit and just walked away. But great champions never quit -- they never give up. They keep working and working and working and as the old saying goes: "The Cream Always Rises to the Top"!

(The photo above shows Laura Wilkinson holding her Gold Medals from the Olympic Games; The World Championships and The World Cup -- the only female diver in history to win all three.)

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