Friday, January 2, 2009

My Diving Hopes and Wishes for 2009 (and beyond)!!

  • I wish that the sport of diving continues to grow, thrive and prosper -- not only in the USA, but around the world.
  • I hope that USA Diving continues to move forward and keep improving as we work our way back to the top.
  • I hope the coaches will keep communicating with each other and continue to share ideas and techniques that will help to improve the sport.
  • I wish more companies would see the benefits of aligning themselves with USA Diving in the form of sponsorships and partnerships. Your support is needed now more than ever.
  • I hope the current administration of USA Diving continues to listen to the membership and to keep coming up with more and better ways to make diving a viable profession for coaches.
  • I wish the insurance industry would take note of the incredible safety record of organized and supervised springboard and platform diving and create separate underwriting guidelines that insures quality insurance is available and affordable to coaches, clubs, schools, pools and parks and rec. departments. Stop lumping us together with anything and everything that contains the word "diving"!!
  • I hope that Duraflex will continue to innovate and keep coming up with ways to make diving equipment better, stronger and more flexible which will give divers the opportunity to "create" newer and more difficult dives.
  • I hope that more and more parents will have their kids try the sport of diving at an early age and realize all the positive things that can be acquired from this "lifetime sport."
  • I wish that all young divers would quickly learn that good form and good entries are the KEYS TO DIVING SUCCESS at an early age and beyond.

Finally, from the Voellmecke Family and Springboards and More, we wish you and your family (and divers) a Safe and Successful 2009!! LET'S DIVE!!

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Anonymous said...

My diving hopes for this year are ambicious too...

All the best!