Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do The Opposite!

It has been my experience as a diving coach that when a diver has a continued problem with a dive, one way to solve the issue is to try and get your diver to do the OPPOSITE of the problem they are having.

  1. A diver who dives too close to the board, you try to get them to do the dive too far out from the board. (Start with jumps that are too far away from the board first)!
  2. A diver who keeps diving to the right side of the board -- you try to get them to do the dive to the left side of the board.
  3. A diver who is over twisting -- you try to get them to square out too early on the twist.
  4. A diver who keeps going short on a dive -- you try to get them to "go over" on the dive.
  5. A diver who keeps missing the end of the board on a hurdle -- you try to get the hurdle slightly past the end of the board (toes over the edge).
  6. Etc. etc.

No matter what, continue to coach good form (legs straight, feet together, toes pointed) as well as vertical entries with little or no splash. REPETITION IS KEY!

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