Saturday, March 29, 2008


Congratulations to the following COACHES for their success at the Men's NCAA Division I Diving Championships. Randy ABLEMAN – Miami (Reuben Ross – 6th 1-meter, 1st 3-meter, 4th Platform, JJ Kinzbach - 8th Platform); Mark BRADSHAW - Arizona State (Mickey Benedetti – 7th 1-meter); Mike BROWN – Hawaii (Magnus Frick - 2nd 1-meter, 6th 3-meter); Pat GREENWELL - Alabama (Aaron Fleshner - 3rd 3-meter); Jeff HUBER – Indiana (Landon Marzullo – 4th 1-meter; Taylor Roberts - 4th 3-meter); Patrick JEFFREY - Florida State (Terry Horner – 3rd 1-meter); Julian KRUG – Pittsburgh (Alex Volovetski – 8th 1-meter); Dan LAAK – Georgia (Chris Colwill - 1st 1-meter, 2nd 3-meter, 2nd Platform); Mike LYDEN – Kentucky (Stephen Andrews – 5th 1-meter); Vince PANZANO - Ohio State (Sean Moore - 1st Platform, Weston Wieser - 7th Platform); Matt SCOGGIN - Texas (Jonathan Wilcox - 7th 3-meter, Matthew Cooper - 6th Platform); Jeff SHAFFER - Auburn (Kelly Marx -5th 3-meter, Daniel Mazzafero - 8th 3-meter, 5th Platform); Adam SOLDATI - Purdue (David Colturi - 3rd Platform). The top eight finishers at the NCAA Championships earn All-American honors.

Dan LAAK of Georgia was named the 2008 NCAA Men's Diving Coach of the Year, and his diver Chris Colwill was named 2008 NCAA Men's Diver of the Year.

Springboards and More congratulates the DIVING COACHES for all their hard work, dedication and long hours at the pool that went into these performances.

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